Can't decide...Matinee or or grey?

  1. Im leaning towards the wine, but like the grey too
    I just can't decide on the Matinee or the MA....any thoughts?
    And any good deals anywhere--that could sway my decision lol
  2. Grey is really pretty, but the wine is just so gorgeous on the Matinee. I'd have to go with the wine, unless you already have bags in similar colors.
  3. Ooh, can't go wrong with any combo. I have the dark grey Matinee and it's TDF, and my next target might be a wine MA. The wine Matinee is hard to find, though.
  4. I personally already have two nice red bags so I would go with the grey. Its a little more neutral and will go with anything. Take a look at mockinglee's dark grey pictures. They are absolutely gorgeous. Whichever color you pick, you can't go wrong =)
  5. thanks..I could get a matinee and a ma, one grey and one wine ;)
    You say the wine matinee is harder to find?

    oh, and the ma, would you recommend the regular or the mini? Its hard not seeing them in person and there is no way in the world Im taking my toddler to a store to shop for purses lol.
  6. hmm, just found an eggplant matinee..thats pretty too! So is the MA in many to choose from lol

    I dont have much of a collection at all, so I am open to lots :smile:
  7. I love the wine matinee, hard to find. I also love the MAM in dark grey, also hard to find!
    They would be my first two choices!!!! Either is beautiful in both colors!