Can't decide, espresso Sabrina or hit the outlet

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  1. I always thought i would take a merchandise credit to the outlet, but right now I am dying for a Sabrina. I love the espresso, and think it will be a bag that will endure for quite some time. My merchandise credit would almost cover the large size, so very little would be out of pocket. However, I also would love to get a bag or two I would also enjoy(and maybe some accessories too). Would I be nuts to wait for the espresso Sabrina to hit the outlets? Gah! I am so indecisive. I know no one here can really tell me what I might regret more, but maybe you might make a point that will resonate with me to help me decide.
  2. They may never hit the outlets-get it while you can!
  3. If you really want it get it now. Even if does make it to the outlets, there's no guarantee you will find one.
  4. I've been helping another TpF member with this decision, although she's wanting the light pink all leather! I DO think they will go to the outlet's and I think it helps that you are wanting the espresso..if you were wanting teal, magenta or some other color I'd say GO GET IT!!! Since the espresso is one of the "staple" colors, I'd wait! That's JMO!!!
  5. ITA........The Sabrina is such a popular bag that if they do show up at the outlets, they may be very hard to find. I just can't invision tons of them just sitting on a table unless it was a flopped color. The Espresso is still on the site too. I would totally go for it since you have that credit.
  6. BTW, everybody, I have to tell you that espresso is already SITTING AT 3 PA outlets, but they cannot sell them yet! I do not have a head count anymore (this was shortly after Xmas they got them), but they have the Sabrina in at least several colors so far (that's the large size). I don't know when the hold will be released, and last I heard it was when it's off the website. I've asked multiple times. However, that said, they have had berry and teal, which are off the website and have not been released. Also, I know someone who bought one at a Vegas outlet with no problem...and it was not damaged in any way. Again, I don't know how many they have or how many they are getting. It also depends on the district as to whether they can sell them or not. My berry Sabrina and teal Juliannne came from the outlet, but that was before the new policy.

    If you want it badly enough, I suggest you buy it now, keep the tags on, and then just return it if you can find one at the outlets. Or till PCE rolls around and you can get a price adjustment. This is your most secure way to know you have the bag.
  7. I noticed that ALL the Sabrina's are now listed on the Website as Coach Exclusives... Isn't that the step before being taken off? So I am thinking, any time now....
  8. I have a question about price adjustments with the PCE. Do you need to do this within a certian time period - like 14 days - or can you take it in after a couple of months and get the adjustment? I recently purchased a black leather Sabrina at full price and want to know if I will be able to get that adjustment with the next PCE? Thanks!
  9. ^^ITA! That is what I'm doing with my fuschia Peyton! GL :tup:!
  10. I'd say buy it now.
    It's a PITA to hunt down THE bag at an outlet, esp if it's one that was popular @ boutiques. The extra $$$ spent is worth not having to fret over finding it, let alone at an outlet you can drive to or may do a charge send.

  11. It depends on your store, TBH. I would ask upfront. I've had one store tell me no, so I went and purchased a bag at another store that I knew would give me the discount. That store knew they lost a sale, so they've been a bit nicer since then, but I try to purchase where I get the best service and selection.

    Usually if you're a good customer and they know/like you, they will do it. The only issue can be when the item sells out, then they know you can't just return the one you have and go elsewhere to repurchase... so they can be nastier about it. The truth is it's not a part of their policy to do this at all, so they don't have to do it. That's why I don't question them if they say no but rather just go elsewhere and ask someone else, or wait till the SA/manager that knows you is working.

    The last time I backordered my resort bag, I had to do it through JAX since the store was blocked from doing it, so I had my SA write on the receipt for my other bag that I could bring the resort back for PCE adjustment at any time even after the PCE. The reason is that it looked like it would be weeks later before the bag would be shipped, and also I was kind of new to the store (since my old SA quit and I was working with someone else). I was afraid they would tell me no if my SA wasn't working that day.

    But since it's not during PCE right now and you can't do something like that, I would just ask at your store or wait till the event and ask. They are sometimes nicer about it if they know you will purchase more items. When they return an item and do a repurchase, that store gets credit for the sale, so it's usually a win-win for both of you.
  12. The other thing about the Sabrinas sitting at the outlet is every SA is currently picking through them. When they are finally released, who knows what will actually be available to customers. If they will "hold" a bag for you now, and they really do it, that's one thing, but think about the client tracker. The client tracker works when an item has been scanned in, and your name pops up. At this point, the fact that these bags are found in inventory means they have already been scanned in. So I asked this question at my outlet as to what will happen once the bags are released?? I was told they are SUPPOSED TO know that these bags would be on the list and then check the queue, but the fact it they could all go out on the floor without any SA bothering to do this. Also, there are some of us who are kind of on a "manager or SA client track", meaning that despite the queue they hold the bags for us....yes, not a fair practice to those that are actually on the queue, but I'm being honest. Not to mention the selection (whatever it may be) after the SAs have picked through them. So it's really better if you can find a SA that will hold the bag just for you...but even so, there may be "weeks" left for it to sit in the back, so who knows...kwim??

    I agree that it can be a PITA to hunt a specific bag down, and it just depends on how patient you are and whether you have friends or family that can also help you. So I would just keep all of this in mind. The fact is they ARE at the outlets and more are on their way, but how hard will it be to get them?? Right now...who knows!!
  13. Thank you for all of your great information, baglady.

  14. Ita w/ now, don't use, return if you find at outlets.
  15. You know what, that is excellent advice. Thank you ladies so much! That way I can have the bag I really want, and if it goes on sale for cheaper I can make use of that. win win!