CaNt DeCiDe!!!! DIOR HOMME Silver Deville or Balenciaga 'Grige Perle' Weekender?

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  1. i'd go for the balenciaga. :yes:
  2. Balenciaga for sure...
  3. Balenciaga!! I didn't like the Dior Homme bag at all.
  4. Balenciaga !!!
    The Weekender is a great bag!!
  5. I will be the lone voice of dissent here, I bet....I would never travel w/a Balenciaga Weekender again (as a carry-on on a plane). I tried it once and it was awkward, uncomfortable (b/c no shoulder strap), and I was terrified of damaging it all the time. I switched to my Balenciaga Part-time (which is smaller and has a shoulder strap) and a nylon travel bag and was much happier.
  6. I never liked that dior bag and my first reaction to it when I saw it in the web page was that "Dior should fire whoever made this".
    It's supposed to be a new classic (for emn§?) from Dior? :roflmfao:

    Anyways, the weekender looks so much better.
  7. Balenciaga WE !!!
    The new ones from this spring have longer handles :
    very comfortable on soulder !!!

  8. omg. balenciaga by FAR! ive never been a fan of dior, its always so "out there." i think you'll be much happier with balenciaga. greige is one the best colors in my opinion. let us know your choice! good luck (i understand the "choice" battle)!
  9. Bal for sure :biggrin:!
  10. Balenciaga weekender in griege, for sure.
  11. iguessishouldjust get the bbaginstead of the dior..

    the new longerhandle weekenders this season are great,but there isnt a grey unfortunately... which sucks.
  12. I didn't know that! Thanks for the info :nuts:
  13. Balenciaga all the way...
  14. [​IMG]

    weekender ALLLLL the way :party: