Can't decide...Burberry or Gucci?

  1. I own two Louis Damier Speedy - Azur and Brown. I am looking to purchase a Burberry Haymarket tote (smaller) and a Gucci New Britt in black. Is Burberry hot right now or does it tend to look old ladyish - Gucci is a totally different look but I am looking for a nice everyday bag that can be dressed up.
    What should I do??!??:shrugs:
  2. I LOVE Burberry; however I don't like the ones with the horse (haymarket??) and you only want to wear the plaid with certian, that being said, for an everyday bag I'd probably go with a gucci...maybe the one I got dd for Christmas...see below...
    Christmas 2007 modeling bags.jpg
  3. My vote is for Gucci. Not a fan of Burberry bags.
  4. my vote is def gucci!!! ...although, i like the burberry cosmetic bags, i think it's a cute little accessory to have. But i don't own anything burberry.
  5. pursesnpeaches you are in the gucci thread so you are going to get hammered with gucci!! the britt is classic and versatile. let us know what you decide... it better be gucci!!! sike. :smile:
  6.'re asking if you should buy Burburry vs. Gucci in the Gucci section? DUH! Gucci hands down! I've never been a fan of Burburry. :p
  7. My vote is for Gucci:tup:
  8. def gucci , never had a burberry and not so interested either
  9. Gucci! This is the Gucci forum after all - I was never a fan of Burberry's huge plaid pattern.
  10. I have 2 of each. Both are great bags but my newest love are the 2 Gucci's I got for Christmas. I think you should get which ever one you like best.
  11. Gucci for sure!!!!
  12. it's a little biased in here....see what they think in the burberryforum
  13. My vote is for Gucci!

    I recently bought and returned the small haymarket tote because I also got a speedy and they're both handbags so I didn't think I'd need the burberry!
  14. :biggrin: the responses are cracking me up!!! you girls are just sooo funny! Yeah we're a little biased here in the GUCCI forum. I do own quite a few burberry as i went through my Burberry phase but I do feel that Gucci is truly where my :heart: is.
  15. I'm also a fan of burberry's nova checkered pattern but not as an everyday bag. The burberry checkered print isn't as nice, to me, when it's big. Only as a clutch, scarf, trim to a jacket, or bikini. For that reason, I gotta go with the rest of the gucci girls... GET A GUCCI!