Can't choose between 2 pairs of sunglasses! Help!

  1. Which would you get?



    I'm about to order both so I can decide. Is that crazy? Lol
  2. First pair :smile: they look pretty and they remind me of the ones Sandra bullock wore in the blind side
  3. You haven't given much personal info (about what you usually like/dislike, face shape etc) but I think I prefer the first ones too.

    Both are quite similar but the first seem more versatile, able to work with anything you might wear, slightly softer in shape.
  4. I like the first pair :smile:
  5. I am round faced. Very few shapes seem to work well for me and I've whittled down like 300 pairs to these two. I think both will work for me but I'm torn which style because the first is more classic, while the second looks a bit more unique and edgy.

    Also I have tries the first on in store and know it looks good, but the second has cuter sides IMO