Can't believe it!!

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
  2. I believe camilliepoo posted in the YSL Deals section that there was one available at 999 with 20% discount. Check it out.
  3. The SF YSL had it for $799 a couple days ago.
  4. Muse II medium in croc embossed nubuck on suede blue/beige combination
    price at $799 further discounted this weekend by 20%= $639.20
    available at YSL woodbury outlet 845-928-2169

    This is the post from the Deals and Steals section.....but it is a medium....
  5. thanks so much! im going to call the SF YSL... I actually really want it in the purplish color combo (not sure what its called)
  6. matzoballn, I saw this today at the YSL outlet at Cabazon in a large. They also have it in blue leather/blue croc embossed combo in a med/large. I believe the large was either $799 or $999, I'm sorry, I didn't really check. They are having it for an additional 20% off the listed price only this weekend! They also have a black patent/and fuzzy black material in large for $799.
  7. Thanks so much MiuMiu! Just scored the multicolor in large for 876 including shipping and tax!
  8. woohoo!!!! :yahoo:CONGRATS MATZOBALLN!!! Glad I could help!!! You gotta take modelling pictures!