Can't access the Hermes website

  1. Hoping to look at their scarves online, I've been trying to get on their website for a couple of days. I only get a blank screen, no error message, nothing! :confused1: Is it my computer--are others able to see anything on their site?
  2. i have not been able to for long .do they have their bags on that website because i cant seem to find any
  3. It was working yesterday.. i just tried.. its down.. maybe u should try again tomorrow..
  4. No they dont have bags online.. not even the styles.:shrugs:
  5. I couldn't get on last night either - not sure about today...must be adding new things!!!
  6. I haven't been able to access the US site for quite some time; today I can't access the French one either.....:shrugs: What the heck is going on ???
  7. nope. not working. Hopefully they're restocking!!
  8. Thanks, ladies--at least I know it's not a bug in my computer. I hope they get back online quickly.
  9. still offline, but i got onto the US site a few hours ago - DH said they're doing maintainance to the site, according to the message.......hopefully this means new stock!
  10. I'm going to explode soon if they don't hurry up..

    I need my daily dose of official H.
  11. It's working now!
  12. Thanks for the heads-up! I can browse scarves to my heart's content!