Candace question

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  1. Does anyone have the Candace in the cement/black? I love the shape and size if the Candace and want to get one...thus cement color keeps grabbing my attention! Any Candace owners... even if not in that color... are you loving your bag?? Thanks all...and happy first day of fall!!
  2. I have two candaces (candi? :smile: )(navy/red colorblock and ocelot) so I am obviously a fan and would highly recommend them! The strap drop is perfect, they hold a ton without looking huge, and I love that they are a bit more structured. Mine will stand up on their own. I hope this helps! The cement is beautiful and would love to see a reveal if you get it!!
  3. Love my black. So classic.
  4. My cognac is my new heartthrob ! Lol. I love the warm Carmel tones, the rolled handles and the roominess. Looks great w my suits or jeans. Great classic look IMO.
  5. I have the navy/carnelian colorblock Candace, and I love it! It's a modern classic---comfortable and easy to carry, large enough without being overwhelming. And it looks great!
  6. I have the cognac and am in love with her. I am considering breaking my "no dupes" rule to get her in black cherry too. PERFECT bag for work IMO, also can be versatile for so many other things. I truly don't think you would be disappointed. I'd love to see a reveal if you get her!
  7. I have two of them, the only shoulder bags I own besides a Glam tote so that gotta mean something! I totally adore that bag because is so to carry and holds enough for everyday, and even more when I need extra room.

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  8. LOL @ candi! Love it and I love this bag! Will post pics later after work!
  9. Black would be so classy! I got the cement and love it!
  10. Cognac is such a beautiful color! I don't do duplicates of bags......but I may have to break that rule on this bag..loving the cement and cognac would be timeless!!
  11. It is a nice looking bag and i love the size! I have the carnelian/blue colorblock in the Patricia Legacy..she's a great bag too!
  12. I love this bag!!! And I don't do duplicates of bags either, already started thinking about it with this one!!
  13. Both are gorgeous bags!!! Enjoy!
  14. That tan color combo is just gorgeous!
  15. Thanks!!!!