Canary Diamonds

  1. Anyone here love canary (yellow) diamonds? I am wondering whether to get a canary one or a regular one in pillow cut. Any views, please?
  2. I love colored diamonds!
  3. I believe they cost more than the white ones!!

    In Aust. the demand and awareness of coloured diamonds is low, so I probablty wouldnt put myself out there to spend more on one than the normal white variety.

    That being said, I think it is worth it if you love it, and being rare I think it would hold its value if not appreciate nicely over time.....allowing for quality and good colour.

    I think a colored diamond with fire is spectacular. There are a few lucky wearers who have posted pictures on this site.
  4. yes, yes -- colored diamonds are amazing! blues and pinks cost a ransom in tiny sizes, but yellows are available in more sizeable pieces. i especially like greenish-yellow diamonds like this stunner:
  5. Hi Tammy,

    I'm one of the girls with yellow diamonds and I happen to have two. You have to shop around because the pricing can be somewhat expensive to truly crazy. One big warning, only buy diamonds that are certified to be of a natural color. Irradiated yellow diamonds used to be white but were "zapped" to turn yellow. Much less in value.

    Below is the photo of my two babies! The big one is more of a champagne color, while the cushion cut is a fancy natural yellow, which I preferred over the other three "yellow" colors.

  6. Wow your rings are beautiful, the color is really vibrant! I agree with what you said about the coloring. IMO some of the canary diamonds of a lower quality look like dirty lower grade white diamonds.
  7. oh for pete's sake Lisa!!! tell us more about those beauties!:drool:
  8. Wow lisa!!!! Gorgeous!!
  9. Oh Swanky, you crack me up!

    Here is my original post on the old engagement ring thread:

    And here is what I wrote:

    The engagement ring is 11.70 ct natural fancy light brownish yellow modified square brilliant. Mardo calls it a headlight. 1.50 ct each on the trillions. (Note - I've begun calling it 'champagne')

    Right hand bling is a 5.02 ct natural fancy yellow cushion starburst cut diamond surrounded by about 1.00ctw of pave diamonds (even underneath in the gallery and on the band). Both rings are handmade one of a kind rings by Mardo of Newport Beach, CA.

    I need to pay him a visit. One of the melle diamonds popped out of the smaller ring. Of course, a visit might mean another acquisition! :yes:

    Update: Yes, went to see Mardo during Spring Break. got the diamond replaced, and got more bling! I have photos of the pendant and earrings so will post in new thread.
  10. ahhh, vaguely remembering now! BEAUTIFUL!

    I love me some bling!:love:
  11. My mother in law got a yellow diamond ring for Christmas, it's beautiful!!
  12. YOWZA!!! Lisa you have some crazy bling!!!

    I love colored diamonds...natural colored diamonds are rare and expensive. They're more precious (in my mind) than clear diamonds. I'd love to have a pink one someday. I even like black diamonds...they are super sparkly. :smile:
  13. Pink is so pretty! And even MORE pricey than yellow. Red is the rarest of the colored diamonds. I've tried on a .50 carat stone ... for $1 million. Puh-leeze. No one would know it's a diamond! I do like the blue diamonds. Especially J Lo's from Marc Anthony. Dreamy!

    I have black diamonds but mine aren't that sparkly, so that necklace has been parked in the vault for a while now.
  14. how's this for a natural blue diamond? :nuts:

  15. I LOVE your canary diamonds, Oregonfanlisa!!! They're beautiful! They look so cool when they're HUGE. I think I can only afford a teeny weeny one for now.