Can you tell me which colour beige my bag is?

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  1. Here is the photo of my new to me Caviar M/L. I was interested to know which beige it is. I do not have the shopping tag but the authenticity card starts with 12 and has 8 numbers, from my research here it would be a 2008-2009 bag?

    The bag acutally looks darker ( more like a camel colour) than the following photo. Is it beige claire or a different colour beige?

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  2. If it's a low 12xxxxxx number & more carmel, it's probably the older beige. Beige clair started for 09C and then became permanent. I'm thinking the the number would be about a 126xxxxx foward.
  3. ^thanks lallybelle, it is actually 1248 xxxx.
  4. [​IMG]

    Is it like the beige in this picture? If so, it's just "beige". It's not a beige claire. I can go and look at the tag this evening to tell you the color code.

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  5. ^ipurse, thank you. I think it is the colour of your lovely bag.