Can you tell me anything about this coach?

  1. This was my first coach bag. Its about 3 years old, the color is coral and its a demi buckle. That is all I know! This was actually before I liked designer bags! Now, I want to sell it on eBay, but don't know the style number, how much it originally cost or anything! For all the Coach I own, I don't even know HOW to read the serial numbers! (i buy everything from a store, minus one piece recently, and never needed to know to verify its authenticity, y'know?)
    Anyhow, can anyone tell me anything, since it is no longer on the coach site?

    Ladies, you are the best! Have a wonderful and safe and happy new year!
    coach coral front.jpg
  2. the patch
    coach coral patch.jpg
  3. Style # is 6362 (last 4 digits of the bag).
  4. 6362 is the style number the 04 is the year it was made as for the name of the bag I would call coach and see if they can tell you. Good luck
  5. hey, thanks girlies! you are such great help! i was just researching the codes now too!
    really, thanks so much!
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  7. The bag was $158. I bought that bag in the cadet blue.
  8. awesome ladies!