Can you take a bag to LV to change the vachetta?

  1. Hello...

    I was just wondering if any of you all have an answer to my question. If I bought an authentic bag from E-bay but wasn't given any LV receipt, can I still get LV to replace the worn out straps for me?

    Is there a policy against it?
    If there isn't, roughly how much does it take to change the strap to a new one? Do they have to send it to europe to do?
  2. I know for a fact you can change the vachetta but I wouldn't tell them you got from eBay. Just tell them it was a gift from your aunt or something like that.:idea:
  3. I bought a secondhand Bedford and took the straps in to be changed. When they asked where I bought it from, I just shook my head and said "Oh that has been so long ago, I don't remember."

    I have heard that if you buy from NM or Saks, the record of the sales doesn't show up in LV's system (urban legend?). In any event, you'll be fine.
  4. Thanks Girls!!!!

    Now I'm excited...maybe maybe, I'll be able to get my bag AND have it looking brand spanking new!
  5. DO tell what bag you bought!!!:graucho:
  6. Why don't you call your local LV boutique and ask for the price to replace the the leather first? That way, you can be sure of whether your ebay purchase is worth it or not... :P Which bag are you considering? I've called my local LV boutique before and asked for speedy 25/30 and if I remember correctly, they told me that to have all the leather replaced (including piping), it'll roughly cost around $350.
  7. oooh. I am going to do this on the Spring Street too, but didn't realize you had to be so discreet. Since, it's pretty old, don't know how old, it's a rose pink, wish I knew when that was produced, so I could say it was my mom's and she just died or something, maybe I bought it as Saks years ago, and want the straps done... I'm glad I know this...
  8. veronika.....the date code will tell you how old it is. Post the date code on a thread and the ladies here will help you out!
  9. Gosh thanks Twiggers! That's awesome! Should be arriving in a day or two....will do fer sure...
  10. I know that they do not use the same system in the Philippines as the US, I thought the girl said that was the same for all out of the US.
    When she asked fir my address, I said, "I should be in the system."
    She said, we don't have the same systam as the US.