can you share what tragic events your H bag has encountered & how did you handle it?

  1. incident # 1 : i just recently had to send my new kelly toile and white clemence back to the store for some cleaning (shipped to BH). due to some outing in the recent chinese new year celebration, there were 2 dark spots on the back part of my kelly (toile area) that were suspiciously due to newspaper marked fingers (and guess whose fingers would it be?). the more i rubbed to scrape the color away, the more the darkened area spread....urgh! :sad: up to now, kelly still has not returned. hopefully before easter it will be here! :yes:

    incident # 2 : also, my ostrich fuschia HAC was sent out to BH due to some "eye" peeling. the little bulb was barely hanging on the HAC strap. but BH did a good job and i was pleased with the quick turn around (less than 2 weeks).

    incident # 3 : 35 birkin swift etoupe also had a scare recently when we were out dining at a churrascaria (where they serve steak in a gaucho way - meat sliced in front of you). upon returning home, i noticed a spot of meat grease in front of my bag and i immediately licked my finger and wiped the spot. thank god, it went away and no trace of grease or mark was left behind! good as new! that's one good thing with swift leather, i guess!

    any horror stores you can share? and how you overcome it? TIA.
  2. Bird sh*t ALL OVER the front of my black togo kelly...even migrated to under the flap...currently undergoing spa treatment...
  3. Dropped a hot dog on my Barenia. I just get rubbing the leather until it darkened and the spot blended in with the patina.
  4. socal - was this from the SFO get-together????? i hope it comes back soon!!!
  5. Yes, the SF SA did a "quick" clean up...I took kelly to my SA when I returned home...she insisted I get her to the spa IMMEDIATELY...I left the store with all of my belongings in a little orange bag... LOL...good thing they did not have any 35 cms in stock...
  6. DH was driving and I was holding a cup of coffee. The lid was not on right, and some sloshed onto my birkin and streaked down. But it's epsom, so when we got back to the hotel, I got it right off with a moist towel. I was lucky the stitching wasn't stained.

    I do rubber stamping and always have open inkpads on my desk, and accidently put my agenda on top of an inkpad. DH helped get as much of it off as possible, but the stitching is stained and there's still a little marking. Still PO'd at myself for that.
  7. The canvas on my Rouge Imperiale GPT sustained some irreparable creases that looked like wriggly silver worms on the sides. It got sent back to Paris and that was when Paris confirmed nothing could be done about it. :crybaby:

    pazt, you're the second person I read about here, who has had an ostrich follicle 'knocked off'. Makes me wonder if I should get an ostrich bag. I was told that the store would just use glue to glue back the fallen bit.
  8. MRSS - i do have another friend that have the same problem and her's was brand new - was not paid for yet! they had to fix it first before she pays for it! explanation : ostrich if stored for a long time gets dry. needs some moisture! they do just glue it back! so far, no problems with mine yet again....
  9. OMGOMGOMG... SoCal, I think I am going to have a nightmare tonight! This sounds even worse than getting it in your hair. (This actually happened to me in Paris 25 years ago, when I was too busy looking down trying to avoid dog sh*t on the sidewalk -- you know how those Parisians really love their dogs -- and didn't realize I was under a tree with lots of birds.)
    Thank goodness your Kelly is black. And thank goodness for the H spa.
  10. I haven't had a mishap with my H bags yet. Last week I went out and ordered lobster. I put a bib on my Kelly.
  11. MrsS, mine fell off as well (it actually looked ripped if anything), it was on the strap. I am super anal with my bags, so I have no idea how in the world it happened.
  12. I was walking down my stairs in high heels with a bag full of jeans I was returning for my mom...I slipped and my raisin 35 birkin togo scraped against the wall on the corner. One of the corner has color scraped off it....and violet or a lighter color is now there...

    she is at the spa now...but supposed to be back any day now.

    They sent b ack out on Friday!
  13. I've had no ostrich issues yet thankfully (and I've examined each and every follicle - LOL). Mine are all intact.

    But this is without a doubt the most alarming thread I've ever read for someone who babies their bags.:smile: SoCal's bird story alone will give me nightmares.:shame:
  14. On a friend's wedding a waitress stepped on my birkin (rouge vif 40) I hid just down my chair (I had no space or seat for the birkin), her foot was there for a good 2-3 mins. I screamed but she coudn't hear it becasue it was too loud at the time...glad nothing happened..

    Another one is when the rain started POURING on my box birkin..for only 2-3 mins after I immediately got in the car, the blisters....were ALL OVER THE BAG.... I had a nightmare that night....
  15. Aaagh!! Lovethatthing, what happened to the blisters????