Can you remember EVERY piece in your collection?

  1. I must be getting old (ok not really, I'm only 30)...or I'm just REALLY losing it.

    I can't remember all the Coach bags I have! (ok - maybe that indicates I have too dang many...) :shrugs:

    Thank goodness I take pictures of my pieces and put them on photobucket (good for insurance reasons too, right?) I'm looking through my photobucket account looking for a picture and I started clicking through my Coach pieces...I TOTALLY forgot about my Legacy shoulder bag, and my teal patent gallery tote! I need to pull these bags out and show them off!

    So what about you...can you remember EVERY piece, down to the last keyfob? (wow...I have the Bee keyfob? And a snowflake one?!?! I forgot about those...heheh)
  2. I can count them but only because I had to sell off all my heavier bags due to a shoulder injury.
  3. I remember all my bags. I only have 7 bags and 1 key chain. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of 6 of my bags (which I'm trying to figure out on another thread).

    But I love each and every single one!
  4. I remember them but I did end up selling a big part of my collection earlier this year. Now I'm starting to collect Coach all over again. :tup:
  5. I can remember, because it has only been a year, and I have four handbags and many more accessories. So for now, I can easily keep track...but I will probably end up like ranskimmie eventually!:biguns:
  6. I only have 5 bags wahhhhh :sad:
  7. I can remember because I have 9 bags right now but it might take me a moment to recall each one! But I also keep pics for my own reference and for insurance purposes. I have tons of charms and I use my pics to choose which charm to use on what bag rather than dig them all out! I definitely could not recall all of my charms though!
  8. LOL. I remember all the bags I have, the ones I bought and returned, and the ones I bought others as gifts.

    If my memory fails, I have shots of my bags on the iPhone.

    Now, what I can't remember are all the accesories!!!!
  9. It would take me a minute to be certain, but I think I can remember all of my bags. I gave a few older/too small ones away, have a few that are no longer in rotation but I still keep for whatever reason! In total I have 14, with 2 more coming in December. Now accessories is another story. I have wristlets and mini skinnies/mini wallets to match each bag, plus various scarves, keyfobs, charms, cell lanyard, bracelet, watch, and a pair of gloves!!! I need never go into the Coach store again! Except...!
  10. I printed the pictures and attached them to the dust bag strings. That way when I open my closet I see them all. I can't remember like 1 or 2...
  11. sometimes i pretend to forget when it comes time to go to the store w/my Fiance. If I act like I dont know, maybe he'll buy me one lol. I have 10 bags, and waaaay too many accessories, so it's not too hard to remember.
  12. I know everything I have, but what hurts is looking at pics of things that I've sold.....
  13. Well 2 weeks ago I only had one bag and one wallet, now I have 3 bags, 2 wallets, and 1 keychain...still pretty easy to remember :smile: Someday I hope to have so many that I forget some, lol!!!
  14. :roflmfao: So true!! If I'm not in the Coach store with DH then I can remember all my bags (there are only 4 plus 1 on the way at the moment). Accessories are another story...I can probably remember 90% of them, but not all.
  15. I tape the pictures on the Coach gift boxes and have them all on bookshelves.