Can you recommend a wallet which can hold a phone?

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  1. I'm looking for a new wallet and I would like one that can accommodate a phone inside. I'd also like as many credit card pockets as possible (3 is not enough!) and a zipped compartment.

    So far the only one that meets my requirements is the Gucci swing zip wallet. Are there any others?
  2. What phone do you have? My bal wallet holds an iphone 6s plus with a thin case
  3. I have an iPhone 6.
  4. I think the Gucci Swing Wallet is perfect, if your looking for premier designer. If that didn't matter, I think the Coach Double Zip Phone wallet or Double Accordion Zip wallet is perfect. Both wallet have two compartments. One for cards and cash and the other one is used to place your phone.
  5. Not a technically a wallet, but the Alexander Wang Fumo wristlet is awesome. I use it as a wallet and it fits my iPhone 6, passport, cards and cash easily. I can even fit my house key and a lip product without it being bulky, so it doubles as a small clutch. It has four card slots originally, but if you carry more cards it'll fit an extra card holder too. The wrist strap is removable too, so it's really versatile!
  7. Swing is ideal
  8. Wallets with detachable chains or straps are pretty much versatile and no lacking of card slots. I love my Ferragamo Miss Vara ones but they only have 6 card slots which may be too few for you.
  9. My current favorite is the LV Insolite wallet. It has an inside zip pocket, separate zip pocket (that I keep my iPhone6 in, and can access without opening up my wallet), and opens flat to 6 credit card slots. If you add a chain to it, it can also double as a clutch!
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  11. I have the LV zippy compact wallet (old model). It has a lot of credit card slots and my iPhone 6 zips right up inside.
  12. A Bottega Veneta continental wallet would meet all your requirements. It has a center zip pocket, two large bill spaces, 8 card slots, and two more sleeves outboard of those slots. Mine is currently holding 8 credit cards in the designated slots, a stack of about 8 additional cards in the sleeve behind the credit card slots, some cash, some loose papers, some coins, and a Galaxy S6 in a slim case. I don't keep my phone in there all the time, but it does fit when I want to just carry the wallet without a bag.