can you please help me find this?

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  1. hi all! my sister's boyfriend and i are on the hunt for her birthday present.
    i am looking for the classic black flap w/ silver HW that's NWT or in new condition around <$3100


    i also have a question for you Chanel pros: do you find much difference b/w jumbo or the M/L? does it matter? please please help me find it! thank you!!
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    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    Have you checked ebay or bonz or malleries? There are a few listed right now.

    As for jumbo and m/l, one is bigger than the other obviously but what is your sister's preference? Is she a person that likes to carry a lot or just a few items? How will she be using this bag? Every day work bag or just occassionally? How tall is she?

    The one in the picture looks like lambskin. Is that the one you/him/her have in mind?

    eta, I prefer caviar with shw but lambskin with ghw. Either size works for me. GL
  3. malleries is authentic? i did not know that :P

    as for Bonz, i have looked, but actually the 2 i was looking at have sold. already. Chanel goes fast...

    my sister is about 5'3"/5'4", and i have no clue as to how much she would use it. probably not that much, as she's a pharmacist and doesn't get to go out much. this is just a surprise gift that her BF wants to get her and i'm trying to help him find one for less.

    i'm not too quite sure if it matters whether or not i get lambskin vs. caviar either :shrugs:

    i have no clue, i just need help finding it :P
  4. If you are purchasing outside of the Chanel boutique get it authenticated first, doesn't matter who the seller is and always pay with CC thru paypal.

    AS for lambskin vs caviar, on is a smooth buttery soft leather while caviar is a bumpy textured calfskin. Some people prefer caviar over lamskin because it is easier to take care of.

    I know it is a surprise for her b-day, but maybe you could take her shopping. Have her try on various brands (including Chanel) so that you can judge her reaction. make it a fun day and she will probably not connect the dots. :P
  5. lol. she kinda knows her BF wants to get it for her, so she's "shown me what she likes" ahead of time *rolls eyes

    she likes the one i pictured ^ with silver HW. it's the 4th bag on the Chanel site, but they won't let me take their picture

    so does it really matter which size we get?
  6. It comes back to what your sister wants and will find functional. Here are the dimensions or the two:

    Medium Flap
    Style Code: A0112
    Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 2.5"

    Jumbo Flap
    Style Code: A28600
    Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3"

    Maybe check the modelling thread to see how they look?

  7. Well, there is a significant difference of size between a medium and a jumbo. While I personally would always want a medium more than a jumbo, jumbos are usually more popular, at least in the purpose of an everyday bag.

    A medium is quite small... So small, it would only fit in very essentials. I could get by since I don't need to carry lot of stuffs. But if one needs to carry things like a makeup pouch, glasses, etc, she'll need a jumbo. Those who need larger bags yet still get a medium usually buy with intension of using it as an evening out bag.
  8. so for everyday get jumbo, and just for nighttime get the regular?
  9. Well it depends how much she carrys. If she doesn't normally carry alot , then she can use an M/L for day & night. But if she plans to use it for day and she carries more than the essentials Jumbo all the way. Also lambskin is more delicate than caviar. So you need to take her useage into consideraton for that too.

    Since your pic is a lambskin M/L, I happened to notice this one at let trade:

    let trade is reputable, but post in authenticate to be safe if interested.