Can you help pick?

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Which one?

  1. Pearl grey

    4 vote(s)
  2. Blossom

    11 vote(s)
  1. Debating on east west hamilton in pearl grey or blossomething. (Light pink). Want to carry it now. Is grey not a summer type color? Thasks girls. ;)
  2. To me grey is year round, a great neutral ..

    As for blossom, i think it's better suited for spring/summer however depends on your weather, for here my winters drag and snow, slush(and salt used for sidewalks/roads) comes into bag choices...

    Do you only want it for seasonal use or are you after a more year round choice.
  3. I would go for blossom. It is one of the key colors for this fall, and I think it will be sold out very fast. I see that colors like lilac and celadon are being sold at half price ( in Norway), so if you want a pastel bag I think you ought to grab it now. You can always get a grey bag...
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  4. I kind of want it to carry now.
  5. I would lIke it to carry now. ;)
  6. True. Good point. I guess pearl grey has been around .
  7. I'd day blossom for the current time of year, as the other ladies have said, pearl grey can be found year round :smile:
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  8. Love both colors. Blossom is a fantastic Spring & Summer color while Pearl Grey is a neutral that can be carried all year around. If you can stand the heat, get both, but if you want a beautiful color for the now, get the Blossom.
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  9. I agree with the others, blossom feels like more of a summery colour whereas pearl grey could be used year round. Both lovely colours though :smile:.
  10. I like the blossom but pearl grey will probably be easier to match with clothes (:
  11. I have pearl grey and love it :smile:
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