Can you help my DF choose a VCA pendant for his GF?


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Aug 13, 2011
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Hey all, my lovable friend wants to get his GF a VCA pendant. He has no idea what VCA is, but she keeps saying she wants one and knowing him he'll do whatever he can to get it for her. So while I would rather him not shell out so much for her, if you have any suggestions on what is the cheapest pendant in the traditional alhambra shape that I could pass along to him that would be great thanks!


Sep 25, 2010
Here are some options that your wonderful friend may want to consider:

Sweet Alhambra Clover Pendant - $1,450

Sweet Alhambra Clover Pendant in RG - $1,600

Vintage Alhambra Pendant - $2,500

The size of the first two pendants are a bit smaller. If he has a little more room in his budget, then he may want to consider the Vintage MOP. I hope that helps! :biggrin: