Can you help me please?

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  1. I was just wondering as a newbie what the numbers and letters mean on the leather authenticity tag? Thanks in advance.
  2. Céline doesn't have any authenticity leather tags.
  3. All the pics I see of Celine bags online have a tag inside thezippered pocket with numbers and letters on it (mini luggage). Am I wrong?
  4. Oh, those are just serial number tags.

    The numbers and letters do not represent anything. They may be used as a reference when authenticating but they are undecipherable for us folks that are outside of the production line.
  5. Thanks so much for that info. Find it kind of funny that people take pics of those numbers when selling their "authentic" bags online now that you say they mean nothing. :biggrin:
  6. As part of the authentication process, the serial number tag is one of the components to look out for. Although they do not mean anything explicitly to us (eg, season/model/year), they are useful in that sense to weed out the counterfeits.

    So even if they do not make sense to us, they can sometimes tell a lot.
  7. Trying to locate the info where it will tell me what to look out for when buying a celine mini.. can't afford a brand new one so I am going to look online. Any help? Thanks.
  8. Use the authentication thread here on the Céline Shopping section.
  9. Thanks!!