Can you help me ID this scarf?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I love this entire look! Can someone identify the scarf? thanks so much!
  2. It IS a great look!! Sorry, I can't ID the scarf from that picture - too small. :shrugs:
  3. Hi S, take a look at that thread that Tods started about the Spring 08 scarves, I think it's one of the nautical ones (possibly...sorry if I send you on a wild goose chase)

    But since you're probably as snowed in as me, you got plenty of time on your hands:yes:

  4. :pYes, I'm snowed in and ready to shop online! I also wonder how this is tied. If it is a full size scarf and not looped around her neck twice, wouldn't the ends hang lower? :confused1:
  5. Maybe its one of the vintage ones? 70cm?
  6. rocker..........pop your head on her body and that is a YOU ensemble!
  7. You read my mind, even that hair style says RC
  8. HH and Olive, :flowers:

    :pI live in my jeans and black sweater comfort zone!
  9. that look too.

    could it be the "voitures à transformation" 70x70 vintage scarf in orange/white? I just tried this on in my local Hermes store a couple of minutes ago :girlsigh:
  10. I´ve always thought it´s Tuiga but now I don´t think so. Hope you find the name!
  11. credit to

    Vintage silk twill scarf: Les Voitures a Transformation


    looks similar, doesn't it? Tuiga seems to have no black in the pattern :confused1:
  12. butterfly, you are brilliant!!! woo hoo!! I think this is it and I MUST have it.:tup:
  13. ROCKER.....You are that WHOLE look!!!!! Even the chocolate cashmere stole!
  14. Rocker, I saw that scarf in person yesterday and LOVED it. GET IT
  15. Rocker....since you are snowed in, photoshop your head on her body so we can see....:p