Can you help me find out the namebrand of this bag?

  1. Hello,

    Very recently, I got myself a Botkier handbag. I was browsing on the net and found this.

    Floral Patent Leather Handbags - SHOPINTUITION

    This does look like a copy of Botkier Bianca Satchel but I think I would like to get this for the weekend use. Do you think this bag is to floral for me?
    My personal style is classic french or grecian look.

    Does anyone know who else sell these bags?
  2. I was flipping through an old magazine and found that this company copied Botkier Bianca.

    Is it possable that the above post is Melie Bianco namebrand?

    Melie Bianco

    I have never heard of this line but I love some of the purses in there. Too bad it does not post the prices.
    Anyone familiar with Mielie Bianco?
  3. Thank you so much. I guess they are known to copy designers. I have the original Botkier and now I want something cheaper to use on the weekends in the summer. I know it would get very dirty when I go to picnics, parks and stuff like that.
  4. That is fine but I had an eye for this one, but I have to admit it is a bit too much. But, I still like it. I also like the Cole Hann one from another thread.
  5. I noticed that usually if the bag is brand name, Shop Intuition mentions the brand in their description. This bag might be a no-name bag. Shop Intuition sells a few no-namers on their site.
  6. Yes, I would think that if it was a brand name, Shop Intuition would definately tell you the name.
  7. So I guess it is safe to say that this is cheap quality bag?