Can you help me find a ring?

  1. This is kinda spinning off of BrodiesLVMama's post...

    SO and I would like to purchase something like a promise ring. But I'm having trouble finding something that I like. Normally, I'd buy antique or vintage from dealers I know, but after a year I still have yet to see something that I really *love* (at least, something that has diamonds that I really like the look of). So I wanted to ask everyone here: Do you have any recommendations of jewelry artists that design rings? Any sites that sell artisan rings, preferably with diamonds (though I'd look at any that have rings with stones). They need to have websites though! Any help would be greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. I really like the designs by Ole Lyngaard Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Danish designer that makes really lovely pieces. I like his rings with the low set diamonds you can wear stacked together.

    Don't know if they are available in the US though... :smile: But good luck!