Can you guess these 9 celebrities baby photos?

  1. [​IMG]

    The celebrities are: Pamela Anderson, Goldie Hawn, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Winehouse, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eminem, Adam Sandler

    ^That doesn't give the order of the baby photos away; You have to guess the order!

    I will post the answers later.
  2. OK, these are hard!! What the are my guesses:

    A - Goldie Hawn
    B - Jennifer Lopez
    C - Justin Timberlake
    D - Amy Winehouse
    E - Leonardo Dicaprio
    F - Jamie Foxx
    G - Adam Sandler
    H - Pamela Anderson
    I - Eminem
  3. Sunday afternoon fun!

    A: Justin Timberlake
    B: Amy Winehouse
    C: Eminem
    D: Pamela Anderson
    E: Leonardo Di Caprio
    F: Jamie Foxx
    G: Adam Sandler
    H: Jennifer Lopez
    I: Goldie Hawn
  4. yep these are hard:

    here we go, my guesses

    A Pamela Anderson
    B Amy Winehouse
    C Eminem
    D JLo
    E Di Caprio
    F Foxx
    G Adam Sandler
    H Justin Timberlake
    I Goldie Hawn
  5. A - Eminem
    B - Amy Winehouse
    C - Justin Timberlake
    D - Jennifer Lopez
    E - Leo DiCaprio
    F - Jaime Foxx
    G - Adam Sandler
    H - Pamela Anderson
    I - Goldie Hawn
  6. One member got it right. ;)
  7. A Justin Timberlake
    B Amy Winehouse
    C Eminem
    D Pamela Anderson
    E Leonardo Di Caprio
    F Jammie Fox
    G Adam Sandler
    H Jennifer Lopez
    I Goldie Hawn
  8. Oh darn...I think all of you are right about I being Goldie Hawn. Those bulgy eyes...LOL!
  9. So....

    Who got it right?!!
  10. ^You did! :biggrin:
  11. A- Justin
    B- Jennifer
    C- Eminem?
    D- Goldie
    E- Pam
    F- Foxx
    G- Adam
    H- Amy
    J- Leonardo
  12. ok I was way off...
  13. ^^You?! I only got 3 right! LOL!
  14. I won!! Ah my misspent youth pays off

    I don't know whether to be thrilled or mortified. Hehe

    Thanks for the game kirsten, it was fun
  15. Congrats bern! I was certainly impressed. :tup: