Can you file a claim through ebay if you lose a paypal claim?


May 24, 2010
I lost a dispute through PayPal, and the outcome was incredibly unfair, would I be able to file one through eBay even after I just did one through PayPal?

I tried searching for a similar thread but nothing came up, sorry if this has already been asked


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Apr 25, 2006
If you paid with a credit card via PayPal, call your credit card company to reverse the charges before the time period is up. They want you to do all you can through PayPal, so in your case, the credit card company will open up the dispute. Just have all the information and a note in your account stating the dispute. I had a SNAD with PayPal and at the same time, my credit card company was aware of the situation. I think at one point, they even opened up a case at my request because it was getting close to the expiration date. I just remember faxing them all the evidence and PayPal ruled in my favor, so I called and closed the case with cc company.

p.s. as for your question... I'm not sure about filing with eBay. I remember vaguely that it sent me to PayPal to resolve the dispute.
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Ms. Speedy Gonzales
Aug 24, 2007
Well, technically you can, however I would caution you it would be shut down immediately since you are only allowed to use one claim method. Maybe you should try appealing the decision w/ Paypal (however again you cannot do this if you open eBay dispute; appeal would be shut down immediately)? Before you open an appeal do your research first to be sure you have all your ducks in a row, detailed explanations are essential ~ use language directly out of their terms of agreement as it applies to your case.