Can you exchange an Elux purchase at an LV store?

  1. I know the taxing might be an issue but I was wondering...If you get something damaged from elux can you take it to a boutique and exchange it?
  2. good
  3. Not all too sure but i'm going to have to guess no.

    It's like buying a bag at Saks and trying to return it at the boutique.
  4. No !
  5. nope!, eluxury is not associated with the LV boutiques!
  6. It was on another thread that you cannot return elux purchases at the LV stores.
  7. No. This was discussed on a previous thread.
  8. If you buy at a Saks LV, you can't return it to a LV boutique?
  9. So I got this wallet for my BF from elux - a Taiga billfold 6. When he received it he was happy and started moving stuff from his old wallet to the new one. Then he realized that he had more cards than he thought... We both agreed that a bookfold would be a better fit.

    Tomorrow we'll be going to the city and may potentially pass by LV boutique. I was thinking, maybe if possible, that I bring the wallet in and exchange for the bookfold, instead of mailing it back to elux and wait for who-knows-how-long...

    Have anyone of you had any experiences with this kind of exchanges? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have no idea if they would let you do that, but eLUX usually doesn't take long to exchange or refund things....I just sent back something I purchased and it was $ I figured it would take awhile since it was a more expensive item...but they received my package on a Friday, and the next Thursday the money was all back on my debit card. So exchanging through eLUX isn't such a bad thing... but that's just my experience! :smile:
  11. Wow, that's not bad! I was thinking more like a month... maybe I should believe that online stores nowadays are actually fast!

    His bday is this coming Thursday. I was looking at the shipping policy, 5-7 days for ground. I ordered the wallet on Tuesday. I was thinking I would give elux 2 days to screw up my order, 2 days for the weekend, and 5 days to deliver, then it would be perfect timing for his birthday.

    I received the package yesterday. That was just light-speed.
  12. omg. hes sooo nice. if only my bf does the same thing. =(
  13. They won't let you do it. I asked. I got something from elux and asked my SA. She checked and said no. She's great and always helpful. If it were possible i know she would have let me.
  14. i heard it really depends on the store. you should at least ask and give it a try. especially since you want an exchange not a return i'm sure they'll be more flexible.
  15. Eluxury is a different part of LVMH therefore you can't return things online to a Louis Vuitton boutique. Follow the insturctions on your Eluxury receipt call the number on the receipt and get a return merchandise number. This will let elux know that you are returning your item. They are very efficient with returns and exchanges. They also follow up with an email once they actually receive your item letting you know that they will be crediting your account minuse any shipping charges. Hope this helps...:angel: :flowers: