Can you compare the size of the glam tote to the xl spotlight?


Jul 25, 2007
I am looking at the black patent in both of these. Can anyone compare the size and the amount they hold. What to you think are the pro/cons between the two? I am looking for a big bag that will hold a lot. Thanks!


Feb 9, 2006
~New Hampshire~
I think they will both hold Alot...When I was at the Outlet last night , I seen the sm and lg. Patent Spotlights and I just bought 2 of the Patent Glam totes today..So anyhow, I think they all hold a ton....They are very nice bags.I"am actually thinking about getting the small patent spotlight in black as well...Good Luck to you..You can't go wrong either way , it's Coach,lol...:smile:


Going to Funky Town
Feb 5, 2010
Well, it depends on your personal preference of course. I'll list the sizing for each below:
Style 13836 glam 16 x 12 x 3 drop is 23 cm.
Style 13869 xl spotlight. 12 x 13 x 4 drop is 17 cm for the short handles, the strap is of course crossbody.

My personal opinion? Try them both on. You'll know what works for you when you wear them. I don't like the spotlight because of the drawstring sides, but the glam's double straps are annoying too.
Dec 18, 2009
Calgary, Alberta
Try them both, definitely. I love both bags, however I got rid of my spotlight and now have a glam tote. I don't like the crossbody straps on the Spotlight either, I always used it more as a satchel in the crook of my arm.