Can you buy the Blue catalog from 866?

  1. Can I just call and buy? I see them on eBay and I want a copy. I know alot of people here have them. Is it worth it?
  2. Yes I think you can buy the Catalogue, if you call.
  3. yeah i bought one 2 years ago, u just pay shipping, do the $10 shipping, i did it, i got it in 2 days!
  4. you can also call eluxury and they'll process the order for you. $10 dollar fee for shipping and handling.
  5. I bought mine by ringing UK hotline...£7 including shipping.
  6. Thanks alot everyone!! I called the 866 number and got it.
  7. why would you pay? you can get one for free at the store. they gave me two last time i asked.