Can you buy MC with different color combos??

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  1. Hey everybody, I have been reading around that so and so bought this MC piece with more pink or green or blue..etc. Do the MC pieces come in different color combos? I am going to get the MC speedy Friday or Saturday and I want to know if I can look at more than one (I'm a pink person). Help?!
  2. Yes, there are different color combos... there's even one with a lot of pinks!
  3. depends where they cut the canvas and how much of each color is on that piece, or in your case, a speedy. Could be lot's of green's or blues, ect...
  4. tell the sa that you would prefer one with pink, maybe the sa can look if they have one with that colour combo!
    have fun buying the mc speedy friday! i have to wait a few months..i hope i can buy one before 2008, i'm amost there ;) i want one with pink and purple too!!
  5. I have owned 3 speedy 30 in black MC and one was quite blue and another had tons of pink. I must say, I really likes the one with all the pink!
  6. Awww, thanks guys!! Keep your fingers cross!! Maybe one with yellows and greens if not pink!
  7. When I get my first MC piece, I will definately look for a color combo with lots of pink and purple, just like you! Before you go to the store, to better understand some of the different color combos available, you can check out eBay, and see the MPRS's bags and check out what you think looks best! There are some on there right now with lots of greens, and ones with lots of pink and purple and then you will have a heads up with what colors you like!