Can you buy chanel on line or just at botiques?

  1. Does anyone know of an online site or is Chanel purely at botiques/department stores. I used to think mmm maybe I would like a Chanel bag - now I am like I NEED a Chanel bag!

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Chanel cannot be bought online:sad:
  3. just what I thought! boo hoo. Ebay is a minefield as well as everyone I seem to find is fake! The search continues....
  4. I bought my reissue from Harrods when I was down in London in July. Harrods will do mail order with a 2 week return window if you don't like the bag. I'm sure Selfridges does the same as well. Good luck
  5. ^yes, you can order via the phone frmo any retailer as far as I know.
  6. THanks guys. I'll give a couple of them a call this week. Estile I saw your reissue it was gorgeous by the way...
  7. Hope you get something you want!
    Good luck with your first purchase :heart:
  8. really? that's fantastic! Can you order them even if you're not from UK? Things in UK tend to be a litlle bit more expensive(because of the pounds), so do you know any shops outside UK where you can order via the phone?