Can you believe i've got 3 purple Chanels for x'mas! come see! *pics*

  1. Hi girls! I am sooo happy that i need to share my happiness with you all :yahoo:
    i have got 3 purple Chanel items for x'mas!!
    are you ready to see what i've got?
    1. A pair of Chanel sunglasses i received from my little brother. They have purple crystal on the sides as well i love them sooo much! i didnt even know Chanel makes purple sunglasses! anyhow when i opened the present i was like omg! these are very stunning:tup:

    2. A purple lady braid flap which i totally got lucky! What happened was, my boyfriend's cousin's friend who is a Chanel addict was cleaning her whole closet out. She asked some of us to come over and see what we wanted and i found her. She still has a tag attached on to her so i decided to give her a new home. You wouldnt believe i got her for $600!!

    3. Last but not least my HG! 06 lambskin purple JUMBO!! :yahoo: i've found her and my boyfriend got her from my PF fairy godmother you know who you are! i love you to bit pieces and dont know how many times i have to say thank you to you. So here is another one THANK YOU!! :heart::heart::heart: and thank you to the love of my life as well hehe :heart:

    i hope you enjoyed my presents and happy new years you girls!! :yahoo:
    purple1.jpg purple2.jpg purple3.jpg purple4.jpg purple5.jpg
  2. Here are some more pictures
    thank you for letting me share with you all!:heart:
    purple6.jpg purple7.jpg
  3. OMG.. U r so lucky.. What a great christmas gifts. If I were u.. I will hold them to sleep ha..ha.. I wish to get a purple chanel but couldn't manage to find one. Lucky u to get two at the same time. Happy for u.
  4. Oh goodness, thank you for sharing them with us!

    Gosh, you are the luckiest girl in the Chanel Kingdom you really are.

    Look after your gorgeous new bags :smile:
  5. wow, they are amazing!
  6. :nuts: stunning!!!!!! You are very lucky!
  7. omg that purple jumbo is so juicy! is it brand new? looks like it. i would love one for myself too! hehe ;)
  8. looks so goregeouss
    you are so lucky
  9. Wow! Congrats!
  10. congrats! that's one hell of a x'mas and the jumbo is tdf.
  11. Wow, congrats!!! They're beautiful, LOVE the purple jumbo :tup:
  12. I love the purple!!!! Congrats on your new Chanels.
  13. Wow...congrats on your stunning pieces....
  14. :love: enjoy your new purple goodies!
  15. oh wow, just ravishing! enjoy them in good health!