Can Ya Stand To Look At Any More Pics Of Paris & Nicole?

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  4. I don't see how any of those photogs are making any money. Aren't they all getting the same exact photos at the same time. Where is the demand in that?

    Nicole, I could look at all day long. Paris, not so much.
  5. ^^^ditto!
  6. :sick: = paris
    :heart: = nicole ..

    thank u prada's
  7. They're not talking or smiling in any of the pictures... feels like a publicity stunt to me... :shrugs:
  8. Liya.. i love the picture in your avatar!!
  9. I love Nicole too!

    wow so much paparazzi :o
  10. I agree!
  11. well said
  12. I don't like Paris but I find amusement in looking at her photos. I love LOVE Nicole however!!
  13. I guess they hit that going out of business sale at Tower Records.

    If I was Nicole I wouldn't be seen with Paris, she looks filthy
  14. are they friends again??
  15. *yawn*

    the day they made up, i heard it on four different radio stations (understandable) and then read it from CNN headlines scroll (ridiculous). i could NOT believe nothing else happening in the world?