Can we talk about wallets?

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  1. Most particularly the zip compact (Azap?)?

    Thinking about a little something with a zipper......any thoughts? Anyone have one of these babies? Can I get some pros and cons?

    Just thinking ahead a little.....
  2. I can't speak for the AZAP but my previous wallet was a large Balenciaga with a zipper and I loved it. The only flaw was that well, it wasn't HERMES and couldn't compare in quality, blah blah blah.

    The zipper is fabulous because youk can just "zip it up" and not worry about stuffing into certain slots. Things are ABSOLUTELY secure. No cards falling out, etc. You can leave a capped pen without worry.

    I now have a Dogon which I love because it is smooshy, large and unusual. But my other choice would have been a large AZAP specifically because of the zipper closure.
  3. I LOVE the vertical Azap. :heart:

    Pros: if you just use a few daily cards (ATM, 2 ccs, license, insurance card) it is perfect. I haven't used my Bearn or Dogon since I got her. It fits nicely in the Kelly and when I need to run out the door, I just pop it in my pocket or in DD's diaper bag.

    Cons: If you carry a lot of change it will bulk up quickly. I use Le 24 for that purpose and carry bonus cards that I only use every so often in a small cc case. If you like one stop shopping and like all cards in one place, it will be a tight fit. There are additional slots where you can sneak in a couple more cards on the sides though.
  4. Great Question, Shopmom!!

    Orchid - is this the picture of the VERTICAL AZAP??

    A couple of tPFers have seen my "mommy" wallet...and it AIN"T A PRETTY SIGHT!! I need a LARGE??? something...with lots of space and slots:sweatdrop: :yucky: . Any suggestions?
  5. Please don't tell me you are giving up your other lovelies!

  6. AHL, yup, that's the picture of the vertical/compact Azap. You may want to consider the regular Azap large. It's quite roomy with a zip around it. And soooo pretty in Chevre.

  7. Thanks, I have to keep this in mind.:yes:

    I was thinking Dogon, or the medium size agenda, that has the little zip opening possibly for coins??:confused1:

    My bag inside is NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!:yucky:
  8. We just had a thread about the large azap and the "financial" azap about a week ago or so. I'm going to pick one or the other up tomorrow in rose shocking. I cannot wait to have a zippered wallet.
    BTW my SA said that Hermes was the first to purchase the rights to the zipper from America!
  9. Sus, isn't that cool? The first handbag ever made using a zipper was the Hermes Bolide. I love the history of Hermes!

    AHL, I think the full Azap has more card slots in it than the Dogon if you need more space for cards. The Dogon is the easiest to get into and out of IMO and is great for travel or if you stuff your wallet with a lot of receipts. The Vision II zip agenda might be a nice alternative too if you want to put your checkbook in there.
  10. I have the larger azap and love it! I just need a different color at the moment as my cyclamen totally clashes with my reds...I love that I can grab it and go in a store without worry of anything falling out, etc. -- and all receipts and everything fit in nicely - even a pad of checks!
  11. Shopmom, we can talk about wallets but don't you have plenty...and i quote from the armoire thread "because I have multiple wallets when I only need one "....I'm not saying, but I'm just saying!
    (like I should talk!!)
  12. Thanks Orchid, for that bit of HISTORY!!:yahoo: and the info on the three different alternatives for me, and my messy innards:p

    Also, thanks for the advice on all three wallet/organizers. I'm telling you though, my wallet is a MESS!! I may need all three to help me keep organized:push: . I'll have to go check them out next time.

    Sorry, Shopmom, for taking up too much of your thread!:yes:

  13. shopmom, may I influence you to get the Azap Long instead? The price difference between the Azap Vertical (compact) and the Azap Long is not like a world apart. Maybe the cost of a 90x90 scarf but it's worth it.

    I have both - like orchids (in fact, it was from seeing her Azap Vertical that sent me flying to the store in search of one :p ) and I use the Azap Long as my daily wallet, and the Azap Vertical as my travel wallet (I leave all my domestic cards at home when I travel).

    But it was only recently when chatting with asa about wallets that I realise what the Azap Long has that the Azap Vertical does not have. The sides of the Azap Long is joined by 2 triangular pieces of leather to prevent the wallet from opening out flat like an agenda. And it is this important piece of leather that makes it possible for me to stuff my receipts in there and not fall out! See if this is important for you, shopmom. Good luck in your decision and your find! Azaps are fewer at my store each time. Loads of Bearns.
  14. LOL MrsS, it's like a chain reaction around here isn't it? I got mine as a gift from DH after I mentioned seeing 24's RS Vertical Azap. There are also new wallets coming out with the Kelly/Birkin turnlock closure in Chevre-- a full-size one and a compact one. I can't seem to find the pictures I had at the moment...but when I find them I'll post them.

    I love the idea of the Azap long though. I may have to add one down the road in Chevre.

  15. LOL!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!! I'm hopeless!!!! And it was BECAUSE I tidyed my armoire that I realized I need a zip wallet which, in my mind, is a totally different kind of thing than just a regular wallet. KWIM? :rolleyes: