Can we talk about JChoo handbag care and characteristics of the leather?

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  1. I have not always had expensive handbags, and suspect there are others in the same boat. I'd like to hear of your experience and opinions on weatherproofing, spot cleaning and storage.

    If the Choo bag is calf leather and/or plain suede, I will spray with AppleGarde rain protectant. It worked great on my EB Maddy, and Slick calf Ramona, biker leather Ring and Ramona. But, I have a bronze coarse suede Riki, and I am to chicken to spray it with anything. I have heard the metallic suede finish can rub off. Has that happened to anyone? And then there is snake skin. Polaremil said there was some sort of oil based protectant or conditioner. I have never seen that (snake oil, ha, ha!).

    How about spots on suede or leather? What have you tried that worked?

    I do store all my Choos in their keeper bags, in a cool closet, away from sun or humidity. But, I have not kept any tissue in them to maintain shape. Is that a disaster waiting to happen? Has anyone had a purse go flat and wrinkle because of this? Do any of you buy the small craft pillows and stuff them in your Choo during storage?

    Feel free to elaborate on any of the leather or skin characteristics, too.

    Questions, question, questions. Cannot wait to hear some answers!
  2. I will say the metallic colors wear off pretty quickly. Both my red one and my bronze maddy show signs of wear and I am pretty careful with my bags. They are stored in sleepers most of the time. My wet look Riki seems to be able to handle anything, I had it out in the rain last week and it just rolls off.
  3. How do you store them?
  4. I keep all my bags stuffed and in their sleepers when not in use. I use tissue paper and some of those pre-inflated packing pillows that come in so many parcels now. I store them in a large armoire' in my bedroom:yes:

    As for treating any of the JC Bags, I have not done any of mine as I inquired a year ago when I purchased my first one and was told Not to use any thing on them. Just dry of quickly if they should get wet.

    To get stains off the leather or the moleskin lining, I was told to use Coach leather cleaner. I did this on my Rianne which had a lipstick stain on the lining when I purchased it and it worked Wonderfully. I gave the info to Samantha when she had ink on the leather exterior of one of her bags and it worked for her as well:tup:

    My concern is the Sneaky Snake skins :sos:
    But DH says that it should not be a concern, as Snakes live outside in the elements and the scales do just fine....

    MEN :wacko:
  5. Great thread jburgh!! :tup: I have a biker Ring & almost cried the 1st time it got some rain drops on it. Living in Miami it's a guessing game when it's going to rain so now I just carry a small towel in my bag or in the car for rainy days to protect it. I haven't put everything on it as I'm scared to ruin it but would love to read any suggestions! Thanks again ;)
  6. For my mahalas and rikis I use appleguard. It seems to protect against water spots. For python skins (no jc yet) I use DYO reptile conditioner if the skins look dry so they don't peel.

    I stuff my bags with tissue so they don't wrinkle and store them in the dust bags in my closet.
  7. Quick comment: I would definitely stuff at least the python Mahala (I try to keep all my bags stuffed with paper). Having said that, I still think that daylight/ sun is any bags worst enemy. Two of my vintage snakeskin purses are totally colourdamaged, the natural coloured ones. They look yellowish. As for a blue one, I've noticed that it has started to loose its lustre although I have kept it away from daylight. Maybe oil would help..? Anyone knows?
  8. What about satin, silks, and other fabrics? I have a very small spot (I'm not even sure what it is) on the inside of a Cent bag. Luckily it's not really visible, but if I ever decided to sell it on it would surely lower the resale value.
    Still, I keep less structured bags stuffed. Otherwise they're kept in their dust bags.
  9. Thanks for your tips ladies! I'm on the hunt for a JC and this will definitely come in handy!
  10. DH built me special shelves in my closet for my bags so they each have a place to rest. I try to make sure the tissue I stuff them with is the acid free type that typically comes with the bags. I'm not quite sure what that does except maybe assure there is no fading onto the interior of the bags.
    Robyn, I am getting some of that Coach cleaner!
  11. I've not used any lotions or potions on either my shoes or bags - I was told not too. If they get wet let them dry naturally and then buff with a soft cloth.

    I store my shoes as they came in their boxes.
    My handbags are in their dustbags on the top shelf of my wardrobe.