Can we do this???

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  1. Hi ladies! ok, i am so mad now....I just reported a bag as fake...after emailing the seller re: questions and receiving a snippy response (of course! what would we expect from a fakester?!) I am dying to write her back saying it has been reported (especially since often ebay does nothing at all about reports on fakes).... Will this be viewed as harrassment on my part? please advise! thank you soo much in advance.. :mad:
  2. I think it will be viewed as harrassment. I stopped contacting sellers about their fakes, now I just report away. I think there was a tPFer who received a warning from eBay after she contacted a seller about the counterfeit they had up for sale. Sad, but that's what I expect out of eBay anymore.
  3. I would just let it go because, yes - she could report it as harassment.

    I use to ask a lot of sellers if they were aware their bags were counterfeit (not the 0 feedback scammers w/ a bunch of fakes but longtime sellers that maybe just didn't know), but I rarely do it anymore for fear of being accused of harassing them.

    Most of them appreciated the info, the others just didn't care so I dropped it.

    The best thing to do is post the listings in the fakes thread so that ebay pulls the listing....those are not pretty dings for a seller that wants to stay on ebay.
  4. thanks so much girls!!! :smile: