Can u put 8 keys on the 4 KEY HOLDER?

  1. Can ya , can ya?

    Or would it be too bulky?

  2. way to bulky, if you have that many keys that you must carry buy 2.
  3. it would be too bulky to close.. I have 4 keys on mine and it's still kinda hard to close!:yes:
  4. Yeah definitely too bulky. I have 2 keys and a small R charm in the middle of the two keys, plus some bandaids in the back part and it's a little bulkier than I'd like.
  5. maybe if you dangled them outside. but that would ruin the point...
  6. lol. okay thanks ladies!!

    I think I have more than 8 keys..that means no key holder for me...
  7. I have eight keys on mine - I have the pomme one - if they are regular sized keys there is no problem. I actually have 7 regular keys on mine and then my big car key - I leave the car key hanging out. I have no problem closing mine as long as the car key is out.