Can This Be Fixed?

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  1. Do you think Hermes would repair this through their spa services or is this Garden party a goner?

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  2. Very much doubt it. Once worn through the entire piece of leather would have to be replaced
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  3. A leather shop has leather conditioner and for what these bags cost you might as well get the leather patched at a shoe repair. I actually just bought a trash canvas garden party on eBay and am looking forward to customizing it.
  4. The leather completely worn away, Hermes spa can not fix. Maybe they can retouch and make the color look better.

    In my opinion, if yuh haven’t bought it, don’t. I bought 2 GP 36s to fix with similar issues, but once the bags have gotten to that condition, the leather on the rest of the bag is also dry and hard to fix, especially where the folds on the side are.