Can the Ball be hand carried?

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  1. I love the design of the Ball, particularly the New Ball with the metal rings.

    It looks perfect for carrying on the arm - but can you also carry it by hand? The strap is gorgeous but it does look wide.

    TIA everyone
  2. I think it is best carried on the arm or shoulder, but yes, you can hand carry the Ball.
  3. ITA. I often use mine like a tote (without the removable suede pouch) and you can hand carry it.
  4. IMO anything you can sling on your shoulder can also be carried on your arm. I often carry my Cocker on my arm instead of on my shoulder.
  5. I hand carried mine comfortably for a few hours walking through a museum. I think the strap is very versatile.
  6. Thanks all! I do love the look.
  7. I think that you can hand carry a bag that has a medium to short strap - too long a strap and it might hand on the ground if carrying it in your hand.

    I don't have a Ball but I think that it would look incredible carrying it anyway. I have carried my Large Veneta on the shoulder and in the hand but mostly on the shoulder as I can push it out of the way if I need to.