Can summer finally be over?

  1. Woohoo! For the past week the high temperatures have not gotten above the mid 90's and I'm doing the happy dance! We haven't seen 100 degrees in 10 days.
    I even turned off the air conditioner and opened my door this morning and it was NICE! Maybe whoever is in charge of the heat had mercy on Phoenix and turned it off early. Like a month early.
    I don't know about the rest of Phoenix, I am tired of the temperatures being in the 110's. Oh, and it rained a little bit yesterday, too.
    I can't wait the the day I can open up my doors and enjoy the weather and fresh air. Okay, as fresh as air gets in Phoenix.
  2. ^^ Yay! one of my brothers is in PHX and he's right there with you (esp. as a Seattle transplant, LOL).

    I love the changing seasons. Fall is going to be glorious!
  3. I am with you! I just got back from taking the dogs on a walk down to the beach, it was around 70 degrees, perfect! I am soooo tired of hot weather, ready for it to cool down!
  4. I live in South Florida its always summer. But im glad Actual Summer is over. YAY!!
  5. We have four seasons in Central Arizona:
    Hot, Blazing Hot (summer), Fall (nice) and January (gets down into the high 30's and low 40's). If I want to see fall leaves, I have to travel 2 hours to Flagstaff. That's where the snow is, too.
  6. For the first time, I'm GLAD fall is here! I just graduated from college, so NO MORE SCHOOL!! and I can finally ENJOY all the wonderful things that fall brings: cool weather, crunchy leaves, flannel, apples, pumpkins, etc. I'm excited!
  7. I'm a little sad that summer is over. I was on vacation for three weeks, and came back to fall. It's already rained, which is really early for here in Silicon Valley (though we haven't had rain since May, so I shouldn't complain.)
  8. What summer! We have not had one in the UK. Now dark when I get up and this morning it's lashing it down and the trees are almost bent double with the wind!
  9. im actually a little sad..

    i can't really carry my azur speedy cause i'm scared the vachetta will get ruined if it rains. lol

    ooh and also i hate driving to LA in the rain.
  10. If you don't live in Phoenix it may be a little hard to understand what we go through here. This year it has been a little hotter than usual with the high temperatures in 110 to 115 degrees F range and then the humidity set in, not that it matters after it reaches 105 degrees. The human body cannot cool itself once that happens.
    So, I am happy that 90 to 98 degrees have been the highs the past week and the past couple of days it's only gotten to low 80's.
    There is a reason why so many people come here in the "winter"'s nice. I've been through many a Northern winter and they are no fun. If I want to see changing leaves and snow, I will make the 2 hour trip to Flagstaff.
  11. Summer is pretty much over here in Germany! The temps have been beautiful for the past week - around the low/mid 70s. The trees are starting to change colors, and we've got a lovely combination of yellows, oranges, deep purples, and reds behind our house. Absolutely gorgeous! On Wednesday it's supposed to get coooolllddd here, probably in the high 50's low 60's :s Eep!

    We didn't have much of a summer anyway...
  12. I hear you rifraff, we woke up to lashing rain this morning, following a summer that was a complete washout.

    I know in the UK, we cannot really appreciate your seemingly never ending summers in Arizona etc, but it sure would be nice to try ;)
  13. I was so happy last week because the temps here had dipped from their former 90's+ area to the 70-83ish range, and fooey if it isn't now back to being in the 85-98ish range :sad:
  14. I'm in the East Coast so it's really beginning to feel like's about 48 degrees this morning and will get up to the high 70's today, but the next 2 days will be another blast of summer temps (high 80's) and it will cool off into the low 70's for the weekend. The trees are already turning orange, deep red and purple. I love the FALL!:yahoo:
  15. I'm all for warm weather and sunny skies, but when you walk out of your house and feel as though you've stepped into an oven, it's hard, and not fun. Sometimes, the humidity is so thick, you can taste it. From mid July to mid Sept it was just overwhelming here. We recently had a heavy rain period and I actually turned the AC off for 2 days! 2 Days!!
    Hurry up fall!