Can someone tell me?????

  1. I love Dior shoes and wondered if anyone could tell me about these Samouri Knot Platform Sandles that are on NM site. They are on the resort bit.

    I am in the UK and have been trying to describe them to the SA over here, but do not know if they are from this season or from the new spring range, also do not know if this is the correct name of what they are called. My SA have never heard of them as a Samouri Knot Platform.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks:smile:
  2. they aren´t from the spring collection, i believe they are part of the Dior 60th anniversary collection, the Samourai 1947 line. But unfortunately i havent seen that particular model anywhere else, Im sorry...good luck with your search!
  3. Thats a big help, thank you. Do you think NM are the only people that have them?
  4. I dont think they would be only ones to have them but i dont know how the distribution works...when i lived in Ireland, many shoes or bags were not available in the boutique, you had to place an order specifically for what you wanted and they were sent from Paris or wherever they had them in stock( now I live in a country that doesnt have Dior at all, problem solved :yucky:), but i would presume UK has a much wider selection in store. Did you try Sloane Street or is this where your SA works?
  5. I Tried S. Street and Selfridges also Harrods, but going to try again today as now have a bit more info. on the shoes. I thought they were new for spring, but now thanks to you know they are from 60th Ann., I hope to have some luck today, I can order from NM but its better to order from the UK. Thanks ever so

  6. good luck hun! let us know how it went ! :flowers: