can someone post pics with a papillon 26 and a 30?

  1. I want to see how drastic the size difference is!
  2. I only have 30. Do you want me to post a pic of me with it?
  3. i'm 5'4". here's how the Damier Papillon 30 looks on me :smile:. i'm afraid i don't have the 26.
    papillon 30 001.jpg papillon 30 002.jpg
  4. I'm 5'3" and I have the 26. I tried to take pics similiar to yeuxhonnetes so you can see the diff. I don't know if it'll help. But if money wasn't an issue, i'd get the 30. But it's not a small difference like the speedy 25 and 30.
    160316402.jpg 160316420.jpg
  5. there's only a 4cm (about 1.5") difference between the two

    Jinsun is right; if money weren't an issue, get the 30, because it comes with the baby Papillon too. but the difference in price is $255.
  6. Here are my Paps next to a regular size Kleenex box. The Pap 30 straps are way longer that the 26 so I find it easier to carry on the crook of the arm. I hold the 26 mostly by hand. The Pap 30 carries a lot more than the 26.
    Paps1.jpg paps2.JPG
  7. Are you able to carry that on your shoulder? I don't want to buy a huge purse since I don't carry much, and also because I don't want to spend $255 on a makeup pouch... I already have a cute pink one :shame:
  8. Could you measure the strap drop length on the 30 and 26? I'm curious to see how big the difference is :yes:
  9. wow, from yeux's and jinsun's pics, I can't really see the difference!
    But next to each other and the kleenex boxes, the 30 really looks bigger! I have a damier pap 26 now and I'm wondering whether I should sell that and upgrade to a 30! Hmm...

    LV_ADDICT please do post pictures if you can! I always love seeing your pictures. It *almost* convinced me to buy the black multicolor speedy, until I remembered that I had too many bills to pay.

  10. IMO, it is impossible to carry the 26 on your shoulder. The 30 works but it's not the most comfortable.
  11. The measurement from the top of the strap to the top of the bag (NOT to where the strap starts):

    Pap 26 - 4 inches (add 2 inches to where the strap starts)
    Pap 30 - 7 inches (add 1 inch to where the strap starts)

    Not much wiggle room on the 26.
  12. I can barely carry it on the shoulder. Even with the 30 it's hard. With the 30 it doesn't fit right under your arm either. It wears vertically. Makes sense? The bag's width is too fat to fit under your arm. You can't put your arm flat down.
  13. I had the 26 and it was strictly handheld or crook of the arm, noway was it fitting on my shoulder!
  14. Yup - there's no way the 26 could fit on my shoulder. I find the 26 cuter though!! :smile:
  15. Thanks for all the great shots!

    Can anyone tell me if the Papillon ever came in 35cm?