Can Someone Help...?

  1. I am awaiting the tote that victoria beckham has and i am just wondering does any one have it and what do they think ...would you recommend it or not... ps its the big one im talking about...thanks for you advice...:smile:
  2. Can you post a pic? Or give the name of the tote? Is it one of the new fall ones Prada came out with--the antik deerskin bags?
  3. I beleive it the Gauffre tote she is talking about.......

    I personally didnt like the 2 short couldnt be worn on the shoulder.I ended up with 2 Gauffres though..The E/W brown and the taller Black version with the extra messenger strap.Best money I ever spent..I live in these bags.
  4. thanks for your reply... have been away.... just found out that the store is still awaiting there delivery dont think i am going to wait for it....:smile: