Can someone help me decide?

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  1. Hi thanks for any answers you have but I am looking for a new coach purse I have a lot of signature so I wanted leather. I can't decide between the lindsay shopper or the leather braided editorial zoe or maybe even the julianne and ideas would be great.

  2. How about the Maggie? Quite a few ladies here at TPF have gotten theirs and seem to love it. I'm very intrigued and plan to stop by the store either this weekend or next to check out the line and the different colors. Here are some threads:

    I have the Julianne and love it, especially since it has the cross body option. I receive compliments on it all the time! You may be able to score one at the outlets too. When my sister visited me earlier this year, I took her to the outlet to see if we'd get lucky. She asked an SA who was able to order a teal Julianne for her at 30% off factory price + $10 shipping. We received it within days (looked like it came from a local distribution center). There were a few light scratches (could be a customer return or floor model) but she could live with it.

    Good luck deciding and have fun shopping!
  3. I was thinking about the Julianne I saw a few on ebay I liked. I don't have a coach outlet near me but you said they can send it to you if I call? I will have to try that I haven't checked out the Maggie yet but I will thanks so much for idea.
  4. Im a fan of the Zoe. Julianne is pretty as well:smile:
  5. I think you have to be physically present at the outlet and pay for it in person for them to place an order if there's stock. But no harm in trying to call a couple of outlets to see if they're willing to do it over the phone...
  6. Lindsay Shopper is an amazing bag, I have her in grey.. She is very heavy with or with out items...

    The Maggie is also a great choice, she is light and very roomy.
  7. I have the Lindsay in brown and she is very nice but just a little heavy
  8. I love the look of the lindsay but I don't want something too heavy.

    Thanks everybody for the information!:smile:
  9. Can you be more specific about what you're looking for? How do you prefer to carry your bags--on your shoulder, on your arm, crossbody, or do you want a bag with options to be carried more than one way? Do you like lots of compartments inside or no compartments? Do you want or need pockets on the outside? Are you looking for something small, medium or large? Do you care about how the bag closes (I know many people who only carry bags that zip all the way closed)? Thanks!
  10. I am looking for leather, I have two kids and one on the way so I really need my hands free so I would rather carry it on my shoulder. I like big bags since I am a mom I have a lot of things to carry. It does not matter how it closes. I like a few different compartments to put different things in. I am looking for a deep color for the fall such as teal, berry, or gray.

  11. Maggie sounds great for you! You'll be looking at paying FP though.
  12. Graphite patent Maggie sounds ideal for you- several compartments, easy care, shoulder bag, and lots of room.
  13. sorry to just jump in,,, but i too am trying to decide on getting a julianne,,, love the crossbody option,, and its alittle bigger than a sabrina,,, which is another temptation,,, but alittle small for me,,, so do they make juliannes in patent?? does any of you experience coach girls know? thanx so much
  14. Julianne will be perfect for you. But there's only one main compartment and an outside back zippered compartment. I stay organized by using wristlets of different sizes and colors. I have two kids and I use the crossbody option the most--with this option, you can use 2 hands to search for stuff inside the bag! Here are some modeling pics I took awhile ago when I first got my magenta Julianne. For size reference, I'm 5' 4". Hope it helps!

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