Can someone good in English, help me on this

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  1. The story is A eBay seller told me the BIN would be $875, and I ask her if she can do $800. she said she is going to ask her husband.....


    An she send me this:
    i cant sell this bag right now 875.00 so if you can out do her its yours i wont you to have it more then you wont it haha you have e maild me a lot about it soo i no you will love it so i think its gonna sell pretty good happy bidding ps keep your eye on it and i will email you if something changes

    And i have no idea, what is she trying to say. Can someone explain this. I had no clue.:sweatdrop:

    Thank you so much.
  2. omg sorry its kinda funny i dont understand her either.
  3. Boy, the seller's English is really poor. My interpretation of that babble is that she is sticking with her $875 asking price and believes she will get it. She seems to be hoping you will meet the price because she knows you really like the bag and she will e-mail you if she changes her mind about the price.
  4. Personally, I would not purchase an $875 bag from a seller who gives you a borderline-illiterate, unintelligible response like that...Is her feedback good?
  5. sounds to me like this is what she is saying:

    "I can sell this bag right now for 875.00. If you can out do her it's yours. (not sure about that sentence). I want you to have it more then you want it -haha. You have e-mailed me a lot about it so I know you will love it. I think it is going to sell at $875. Happy bidding. P.S. keep your eye on it and i will email you if something changes."

  6. I can't sell you this bag right now for 875, if you can outdo (outbid) her (last bidder) you can have it. I wont (want) you to have it more than you (want) to have it. You have emailed me a lot about it so I no (know) you will love it. It's going to sell pretty good (fast). (she will email you if the person who wins the bid flakes etc..)

    Hope this helps : )
  7. that totally makes sense.
  8. That sounds about right!
  9. i agree ... i will NOT buy a purse 4m some1 that is english illiterate:tdown:
  10. lol lol. wow.

    she said " ha ha" in her response? :wtf::weird::lol::lol:
  11. she sounds drunk or crazy -- feel lucky she didn't accept your offer
  12. Cut her some slack, English might not be her first language. It's not an easy language to learn.

  13. that's how i interpreted it as well...
  14. i agree.. most people that i've seen that are into highend fashion are asians. a lot of japanese women have very expensive taste. the difference in the english and japanese language are so distinct that that it may be difficult for someone who was born and raised in japan to speak or write in english...

    just my opinion - i wouldn't disregard a seller just because she can't speak/write perfectly in english.
  15. p.s. Her english is not perfect, but that doesn't mean she is illiterate in her own language...I mean having the purse shows she has good taste at the least ; ) After travelling to a few countries if they quoted my buying skills they prob wouldn't sell to me!