Can someone give me details on this bag...

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  1. Hi,
    I am new to the Chanel forum (usually post on LV) but was interested in this style bag. Can anyone tell me the name and the estimated price on this style. I am looking for a smaller tote style

  2. I dont remember the name for this bag but I know they carry it every year, during March-June it should be in the stores; however the color your asking about it probably for that season. This bag always comes in black with the biege/brown stitching.
  3. Oh sorry and the price...
    Its about $2000
  4. I posted the name of this Ligne somewhere on here sort of recently. . . I'll look for it.
  5. OK, here's the 411:

    It's from the Surpique Ligne, my NM has small ones, it's an older ligne I believe.
    My NM had a small black tote w/ beige stitch and a small beige w/ beige stitching, also a couple of other styles.
    But at least you have a Ligne name, you can call the Chanel 800 number and ask.
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