Can someone explain what epi leather is to me?

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  1. Tried searching and no luck.
  2. Are you asking what type of leather it is?
  3. I don't know either
  4. Straight from Fashionphile's page:

    "Louis Vuitton's epi leather line was created in 1986 as an homage to the grainy leather that they use in the 1920's for their travel pieces. It's a wonderful choice because of its hardiness- it's repels water beautifully and withstands daily wear with little effort. The leather itself is textured- and in two tones to give it that wonderful grained look. It has come in a variety of colors since its introduction. "
  5. one of my faves!!!
  6. Thanks for that John, so fitting that I got something epi for my birthday - it was introduced the year I was born! :P
  7. ^^^^ Tee hee hee. You'rre welcome!