Can someone compile together all the pics we have of new Fall stuff?

  1. I know there are some pics floating around here but I can't seem to find the thread. Anyway, it would be nice to have a thread put together with all the current pics of the fall stuff coming out. A thread that includes a list/description and what pics we have of new styles and new colors.
  2. you should check out incoralblue's thread - he's got great insight and spot on descriptions of the fall colors/styles coming out...
  3. yes i agreed to...check out incoralblue's anatomy abt the new 07 seasons color and he got great info and details abt this as he personally sit down with the SA at Bal NY to find out more abt this........:smile:
  4. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  5. I read incoralblue's thread, but there was another thread with pics of a new matellase clutch that I can't seem to find. It would be nice if those could be included with incoralblue's information.
  6. I bumped it up for you!

    I don't really get much info about the other Balenciaga bags...everytime I chat with someone at Bal NY or even any other SAs we only talk about the Motorcycle line....

    the new bags (non motorcycle) will also be in the trunk show, FYI.
  7. incoralblue...can you pls check out this violet clutch and all the colors it comes with...also matching shoes (sorry, asking too much eh:rolleyes: )

  8. That Violet Clutch is part of the Fall line. I will definitely ask what colors they will come in.

    It's not part of the Motorcycle line, 99.9% of the conversation I had with Daphne revolved around the motorcycle line.

    I'll look for this during the trunk show (w/ dimensions and price info).

    Also, no Fall shoes yet in the clearly, no matching violet shoes. All they had were silver flats, and Wedges with Silver Giant Hardware (yes, THAT Silver Giant Hardware)
  9. OMG!!! i wanna see that wedge with silver giant hardware! i wanna be a one HOT SAHM (stay-at-home-mom):p LOL! pics pls!

    is that clutch is the one refered by MRG as flap clutch?

    merci icb:heart:
  10. The Green (pine) on the right is the Flap Clutch (not the official name, I just casually said that I will call it the FLAP clutch until they release the name) - wait and see that they name it the FLAP CLUTCH, I'd hit the floor laughing.

    As for the Wedge...


    SHOES (it's look #11) (shoe #3 is very gorgeous too)