Can Sig. Fabric bags take the rain?

  1. We're going to have a week of wet weather and I'm not sure if I chance using a sig. bag or not???
  2. Would also like to know this about the optic fabric as well.
  3. i think it is ok if u r just runnning to ur car or something but not if ur gonna b out in the rain for awhile
  4. I walk to work every day carrying my brown signature gallery tote in the rain and it's held up beautifully. No one would mistake it as a new bag, but for the way that I abuse it, it's aged wonderfully and there's no discolorations or stains. Considering that I live in Seattle, I would say that yes, it can handle the rain.
  5. I've used signature bags in the rain plenty of times & had no problems
  6. I mean water isn't going to hurt them lol i use my signature bags in the rain as well as leather, they get a little wet, but dry good as new.
    lol sometimes I think you girls are a little afraid to use them lol, like you pay how much for this bag?and I expect it to take a little abuse!
  7. i know my black/black has held up through rain/snow/sleet, everything! I wonder about the signature stripes though- that stripe looks like it would stain if it got water on it- what do you guys think?
  8. I was under the impression from what a SA told me, that signature fabric is water resistant and stain resistant. (not WATERPROOF or STAINPROOF though). I have never had a problem either. :sweatdrop:
  9. Thanks for the info, everyone. I'm going to chance it, least for a day. I won't be out in the rain much other than to get to car and back in.

    Maybe we do baby them too much..LOL but they ARE my babies. :yes:

  10. :roflmfao: hahaha so true, soooo true!
  11. I got caught in POURING rain outside once (it was seriously a torrential downpour... it looked like a hurricane) and my sig stripe tote was completely drenched. I thought there would be some marks on it for sure, but the next day it was completely dry and good as new! These bags hold up great!
  12. whew...good to know!
  13. Everyone laughs at me b/c I always "cover" my bags in the rain/snow, but forget my children's raincoats if it looks like rain!!!!!!!!! I need to get my priorities in order now, dont I???? :graucho:
  14. When I went to the Minnesota state fair in August I brought my black on black signature carly because I knew it was going to rain. Sig, especially the darker colors, hold up really well with the elements. The trims are what you have to look out for.
  15. That's the great thing about the signature fabric. It holds up to the rain and still looks beautiful.