Can she do this?

  1. I won a bag and she immediately emailed me telling me its been damaged by her pet and its not sellable. She said she tried to end the auction earlier but eBay has a limit to when an auction can end.
    I had no problem ending an auction early.

    Is she right? what do i do now?
  2. you can't end an auction early when there's less than 12 hours left. just tell her to send you a refund. what else can she do?
  3. I agree. . . there's nothing you can do at this point.
    She can do whatever, you can leave her a Neg if you feel spiteful, but she'll leave you one back I'm sure.
    best to get your $ back if you already paid and move on.
  4. court811 is right. There is nothing you can do but to take her word. I know it sucks!
  5. Mistakes do happen, one time I sold and item that was supposed to come in a pair. I bought it from the store and just never ended up using it. So anyways I sold it and when packing it I realized how light it was and double checked just to be sure. Come to find out I was sold just one piece when it was supposed to be a pair. I unfortunately had to contact the buyer and inform them that I had made a mistake. Luckily the buyer was really understanding, and I learned my lesson of making sure I thouroughly check everything.
  6. Maybe it didn't reach the price she had hoped for, I guess you'll never know. It's frustrating, but unfortunately there's really nothing you can do.
    Also I'm pretty sure a seller can end an auction with less than 12 hours remaining, at least that's how it used to be. I know I have bid on items that come up no longer available for sale within the last hour.
  7. As long as you get your money back, I would just believe the seller & go on with life, we all know plenty worst things can happen on eBay!
  8. Agree with Westiegirl, the last time I heard something like that ( suddenly damage, ooh ), sellee refused to sell but such other tPFers said, ask for refund. If you kept intent to buy, then I affraid she'll defrauded you, take your money & bag, sorry...
  9. Did you already send payment? If you did, make sure you don't get burned by paypal fees. A seller once put me in this same situation, and for some reason she didn't hit the "refund" button. I was out about $30! :wtf:
  10. I'm with Swanky. Just get a refund, and chalk it up to a bad experience.
  11. I agree with court811. You can no longer end an auction with less than 12 hours left. One time I discovered a hole in a pair of jeans I was selling with about 8 hours left in the auction. I tried cancelling it, but eBay wouldn't allow me to do so. I had to watch the auction and cancel all bids so I wouldn't have a frustrated buyer.
  12. Sounds like a lie to me. I dont know any bag sellers who would leave an item for sale around a pet to damage it. And that excuse is used over and over again. I would tell her to refund you and to leave you positive feedback, then you can chose to zap her with a neg or prefably a neutral. If she was smart, (which she doesnt sound) she would file a claim to mutually agree to not continue with the sale with ebay.
  13. Fishy. You will know next week (or sooner) if she relists.
  14. The big thing is just to get your refund
  15. This is true, although some animals are sneaky. But I know from experience anything I am selling I put in a box up high away from everything, including my friends that want to touch everything. I think the lady is just disappointed in the money.