Can Medium Rive Gauche be worn on the shoulder?

  1. I like the shape but is looking for something I can carry on the shoulder (not with the long strap). The large size is possible but I wonder if the length of the drop is same in the medium one. Thanks!
  2. It was easy to carry on my shoulder ... I didn't try it with a coat & I'm pretty thin but both sizes of the Rive Gauche fit easily on the shoulder. The larger one, that I have has a much longer shoulder strap, long, long messenger, I much prefered the medium's normal shoulder length strap... I think it's long enough to carry messenger style.
  3. Thanks Pinkie :smile:
    Thats what I'm afraid of...I have thick arms and shoulders :hrmm: I am guessing it will be a tight squeeze.
  4. i have the same question is such a nice bag..!!
  5. I went to try it on today. It is a tight squeeze and hence doesnt look as good as hanging it on the arm.