can LV Vernis be an everyday use

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  1. Ladies who owns LV Vernis....can this be an everyday bag if I baby it really good. The LV SA said she would not recommend it.. however, I read some post from this forum and some ladies said it is okay...
    Please share your opinions on this. I know the vernis is easy to have color transfer but if you really careful with the leather then ....Yes, can be everyday?
  2. I don't have a bag-just the framboise flat pouch which I use as my everyday coin purse. It goes inside my bag with my keys, pens etc and I've had no problems with it. I'd say it would depend on how/where you use it and the color you choose. The vernis is more for evening so choosing the color and style will be tricky.

    If color is what you're looking for, why not try the Epi line? It's definitely more low-maintenance, water resistant and depending on the color, can be used day or night. The red and blue is currently available. Quite a long waitlist for the ivoire and a little more high-maintenance. Other colors eg. yellow, mandarin, lilac etc... are already discontinued so you might have luck looking for them at preowned stores, eBay or let-trade.

    Good luck with your shopping!!
  3. I have the Roxbury in pomme which I use as and when I want to, its not too dressy for the daytime and I have had no problems with it.
  4. I have the pomme reade pm and I use fairly often. I rotate my bags weekly so when I use it, it used for an entire week. It's beautiful and the only care I really take is to make sure there are no printed materials like magazines or something near it.
  5. I think only the beige-ish (Noisette) color is the only appropriate one for every day use. All of the others are really pretty but quite loud unless you get a vernis wallet.
  6. We have pp using thier Vernis Agenda daily w/o any trouble :yes: You are definitely correct, Vernis is definitely do-able if you handle w/care :yes: btw, which Vernis piece and color r u thinking of?
  7. I'm debating between 2 wallets... the Eugenie koala mono or

    Raspberry Vernis Zippy - does the material get scratched or dirty easily, esp. as a wallet?
  8. i have used my flat pouch everyday to hold cash and coins since february and had no problems with dirt. it doesnt scratch easily, too and i was so surprised coz it goes inside my bag with my keys on a key holder (not inside a cles)
  9. I think darker colors vernis would be fine. :yes:
  10. I use my cles everyday, depending on bag I switch colors. I also use my framboise brentwood as an 'everyday' bag, but since I have so many bags, it gets rotated in and out, so it it is not used daily.

    Maybe that's what the SA meant, it should be your only bag, getting used each and everyday.
  11. if you taking a good care, it is okay to be everyday use. Vernis is super easy to get dirty, take your purse alway from color(desk,other purse, juice,water), and use wet tissue clean it every few days(if you see something on, clean it in second) avoid the leather area. also avoid sunshine, if you can do the below things, it will be keep nice in many years.